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Order Placement

1.Customer may order a paper by filling the order form at our website or send a quote to us. The customer can request help from the support staff online to place the order.

2.The order form contains the scope of the client assignment information. It is therefore important for the client to provide full and correct information regarding the assignment.

3.For one to fully enjoy our services, a creation of a profile account is paramount by providing his/her Name, Email country of residence and phone number. In the event that there is a change of the information mentioned, it is the duty of the client to update the information. The created account will be used for future orders.


“Website”- to mean accoutinghomeworkdoer.com

“Client” customer- the user or the person requesting for our services

“Order”- Service or request to be offered by accoutinghomeworkdoer.com

“Paper”- the product generated by our website as a service to our clients

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